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Want to learn how to write great melodies and lyrics?

Or perhaps you're suffering from writer's block and need some help unlocking your creativity?

I created my online courses to give songwriters of all levels the tools they need to write their best, most creative songs!

In all my classes you'll be provided with easy to implement techniques and tips, real examples, and will be set a project to work towards! After you finish the class I'll be there to give feedback on all the songs you create.

To get involved in

Toplining 101: Melody & Lyrics in Songwriting


Unlocking Creativity for Songwriters


click the link below to sign up!

You'll get 14 days access for FREE, with no obligation.

Let's write some songs!

** Recommended by SkillShare as one of their top classes in the music category! **


Check out a preview of the class!

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