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Thick Skin, Soft Heart.

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog, which of course you’ll know because I’m sure you’ve been waiting to read it with bated breath. *Insert all the sarcasm here*

Truth is, after I wrote my last entry there were a whole host of exciting music things bubbling, and I’d told myself that almost certainly one of these things would have come into fruition by the time I wanted to post again, and I could tell you how my patience paid off, and everything would be tied together in a lovely neat inspiring bow. HA. That, is not how life works. And certainly not how the music world works.

Just to reiterate here, I’m not a blogger. Shocking news I know. I’m a songwriter. And I started this out with the intention of being able to quickly start sharing news of the wonderful and exciting projects I have coming up. But yeah, so far it’s not quite working out like that. Don’t get me wrong, there IS lots happening. And lots I’m looking forward to sharing. It’s just nothing ever quite works out as smoothly as I think it will ..

My latest lesson, of which there are SO many, is learning how to toughen the hell up. No one enters the music industry expecting an easy ride, if you do then you’re in for a shock, but facing disappointment on often a daily basis can be quite frankly heartbreaking. Sometimes it’s big things that you have everything crossed for, and sometimes it’s little things, like being cancelled on just a few hours before you’re supposed to go to the studio. It can feel disheartening for a few hours, sometimes even a few days, but the ONLY option is to brush it off and keep moving.

For creative people this can be really hard! Being sensitive, open, and having romantic notions of how things will work out is part of our make up. It’s where the songs, the paintings, the novels, all come from! But when it comes to the business of all of this, you gotta get tough.

So here’s the balancing act .. Be tough. Be fearless. Get back up every time you’re knocked back. BUT, stay sensitive, open-hearted and hopelessly hopeful. Because that’s where all your creativity comes from. Be hard but don’t lose your softness. Thick skin. Soft heart.

That my friends, is my latest lesson. Plus the ongoing patience thing. Lord knows when I’ll master that one.

Thanks for reading my musings whilst I battle to get some music out. Honestly even if you’re not reading, I’ll be writing it anyway, feels like a weird little online diary. There’ll be music soon though .. Real soon ..

Let’s keep moving.

CD x

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