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Girls Behind The Pen

OH HEY blog readers. It's been a little longer than I intended between posts. Soooo much to say that I don't even know where to start. Do I talk about my emotional state, current career state, the state of the world* ?? (*There's a heck of a lot I have to say about that). I wasn't sure where I wanted to start things off, then I decided for today I'd let the music do the talking ...

Every now and then something might momentarily cause me to lose a bit of bit of my GirlPower. In a male dominated industry .. and let's not dodge the elephant in the world affairs room, a seemingly still male dominated world, sometimes it's hard to keep hold of your magic all the time. Now being a woman has never felt like a disadvantage of any kind to me, let's be real we're pretty damn special, but every now and then (there's that elephant again) it feels like maybe we haven't quite shattered that glass ceiling just yet. But just when I start to feel like that, I remember this musical girl gang; the females behind the scenes, writing from their hearts, creating the music we ALL listen to damn near every day. These women are not necessarily the faces you'll see on a tour poster, or the voices you hear on the radio, but they're the ones turning all their experiences into the soundtrack of our lives. And if they'll have me, it's the gang I want to be in too.

I've created a little playlist of some of my favourite girls behind the pen. Some are new on the scene, some are total legends in the game. Some my contemporaries and some my heroes. But all incredible women writing their way to the top of the charts and shunning any notion that girls can't land on top of the music industry. Take a listen, and you'll see that these ladies are pretty incredible.

Note: Men you're amazing too. But when I need to remember how awesome I am and can be, there's nothing quite like girl talk.

Enjoy the music. Short post today. More soon. *Throws up Spicegirl Peace Sign*

Some of the women featured in the Girls Behind The Pen Playlist (pat on the back if you know who wrote what):

Tayla Parx

Ester Dean

Diane Warren

Shelly Peiken

Sia Furler

Ina Wrolsden

Camille Purcell

Carla Marie Williams

Jin Jin

Chelcee Grimes

Becky Hill

Julia Michaels

Carmen Reece

and some girl called Clare Dove ...

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